6 Content Marketing Tricks For Frazzled SMBs

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Small businesses often feel like the wallflower at the dance when it comes to content marketing. Financial pressures, lack of staff, and a shortage of knowledge mean that content usually takes a back seat to other, more traditional, marketing methods.



Even though content is taking over the marketing world — because it works when other forms of “advertising” don’t –many small businesses have barely dipped their toes into it.

Reluctance to change, an eagle eye on every expense dollar, and a misunderstanding of purpose cripple most business’  nascent thoughts of using this new new and effective marketing method.

At most, many of these businesses may have a blog, a newsletter, and possibly a Twitter account. These, unfortunately, often blatantly push products or services or, worse, talk more about internal company concerns than those of their prospects.

This entry-level content is near to useless for marketing purposes because they provide readers with little information they need to answer one overriding question — how can this business help me?

But there are ways small businesses can use content marketing effectively without breaking the bank with extra costs — or their backs with extra work.

1. Know Your Readers or Users
Don’t try to make your blog a mass vehicle by gathering large numbers of users. You only want to talk to a few — your prospective customers. Determine who they are, what problems they struggle with, and why they may buy your products or services, and speak only with them.

2. Distribute Gold Nuggets
People don’t have a lot of time to read blogs that only make one point and fill in around it. And, probably, you don’t have much time to write them. if you don’t have much to say, or much time or resources to say it, just distribute pithy thoughts, quotes that are relevant to your business, or useful bits of information that your prospective customers might value

3. Provide A Forum
If you have a specialty service or product, perhaps very technological or scientific, then make your blog a gathering place for others who are interested in the same subject. Likely, they’ll also be your prospects and will appreciate a forum where they can discuss something they’re passionate about.

4. Be A Little Funny
If you operate a “boring” or prosaic business that doesn’t inspire much passion in people, but is extremely useful for those who need it, then why not poke some fun at your subject and yourself? Sanitation and plumbing systems may not be a bundle of laughs, but everybody needs them. When they have a problem, they may appreciate a bit of humor to light things up.

5. Help The Desperate
Your blog or twitter feeds can address a specific problem for customers who need a fix RIGHT NOW. If we use the above as an example, someone with a plumbing problem needs help as soon as possible, or needs some kind of workaround. Get one up on your competitors by offering temporary help for these desperate prospects.

6. Hire a pro.
Okay, here’s the pitch for my business: Sometimes it’s better to hire an outsider to do your content marketing for you. Small businesses often have a dozen different task on their plates at any one time, and content marketing may just be one more that never gets done. If you think content marketing may work for your business, but don’t want to go through the learning curve that’s involve, you may find more value by bringing in an outside consultant or freelancer.

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