Who We Do It For

“Tony has the unique ability to see complex issues and distill them into simple/operable terms. I learned to trust that, when given the latitude to do so, Tony found solutions that weren’t obvious but created huge value.” — Michael Hagerman, founder, Stratage,  2007


“Tony consistently delivers timely and original news and analysis to his audience at the Financial Post, Canada’s business elite. I depend on Tony to inform me and FP readers of the latest entrepreneurial insights and trends. I highly recommend Tony as a writer and a management consultant.” Dean Cummer, Associate Editor and Editor, Special Reports, National Post, January 11, 2009


Knowpreneur prefers to work with clients who understand the new power of content marketing and will collaborate to make it happen.

They recognize that the shift from traditional to content marketing isn’t as easy as hiring some techies to create a cool web site on which you can post all your traditional marketing materials. It requires an entirely different mindset.

They also recognize that collaboration involves continual discussion — and often, many iterations — regarding messages, styles, and methodology.

So, here’s our value proposition:

We do not finish a project until you’re 100% satisfied that your content strikes the right note, speaks to your targets, and persuades them of your expertise.

Organizations we have worked with include:

Accenture (articles)

Basic Gov (white papers)

BC Innovation Council,  Creekstone Consultants, (new product development study and report)

Campeau Learning (book on time management for professionals)

Canadawide Media (columns, editorial consulting, articles)

CMC – Canada (magazine editorial board)

Creative Classics Publishing (investor relations books on clean technology, mining, entrepreneurship)

Credit Counselling Society (financial management guide)

ESRI (editorial consulting, book management)

Financial Post (business columns)

Forbes (guest column ghostwriting)

Future Shop (A winning proposal for a North American innovation prize by the e-commerce team)

Katerva World Innovation Challenge (content curation)

National Public Relations (reports, copywriting, articles)

Stratage (an MBA program on Innovation Management)

Thinking Dimensions (thought leadership articles)

Western Coal (communications)