How We Do It

Today, for a few bucks, you can buy content off the shelf from a content mill, or commission it from an offshore supplier. The content may be gibberish and completely unsuited to your message, but if your only goal is generating traffic for ad click-through then go ahead.

But, if your goal is to create effective marketing that generates sales leads for a product, service, or specialized investment opportunity, you might want to use a deeper process.

To accomplish this, Knowpreneur approaches content with a tiered methodology. We:

  1. Establish a purpose. Most companies have too many purposes for their marketing because they believe that casting a wide net is still the best option. We understand that it’s hard to get mass thinking out of your mind, but today, the secret sauce of marketing is extreme targeting. You have to know exactly who you’re talking with, what problems they’re facing, and how you can help them. It’s a consultative marketing view, and we help you create it.
  2. Establish a strategy. Not all distribution channels are right for every company. And trying to manage many distribution channels can drain energy and create diminishing returns. We’ll help you decide which channels are most appropriate to your purpose and help you leverage them to their maximum.
  3. Establish a voice. Just like people, organizations have personalities that show up in their communications, or voice. Some want to be authoritative, some inventive, some friendly, some more detached. We’ll help you find one that fits your brand.
  4. Produce materials. In collaboration with you, we create materials that suit that purpose, strategy and voice.

Services and Products

Content Strategies:

Content, when used well, is the most effective B2B marketing method today. So it’s important that you devise a strategy that identifies your target buyers and speaks directly to them.

Content strategies involve an understanding of buyer psychology, persuasive messaging and writing, business expertise and ability to execute.  As seasoned strategists, we can help you through it.

Book Consulting

Books are among the best marketing vehicles for knowledge entrepreneurs because they provide ongoing proof that you know what you’re talking about. Knowpreneur can produce your book (we’ve done 10!) or show you how to do it yourself

Content Curating:

Increasingly, companies are generating content in multiple formats and channels, online and offline.   With so many fingers in the pie, content is constantly being lost or redone. Save time and headache by having us curate your content. We’ll gather it from all sources, and repackage it for other purposes.


Traditional communications still has a role to play in any marketing campaign. For example, a newsletter is often used to keep investors or customers happy and therefore staying within the tribe. Also, more than ever, it’s important to identify the right targets and media for your marketing campaign and speak to them in the right voice.

Social media consulting:

Armies of social media consultants will try to convince you that social media strategy is the only way to market. We don’t think so. But it is becoming and important part of the marketing mix. We’ll help you integrate it into your B2B campaign so it works.


Have to have that report or webinar done soon, but you’re just not sure if it’s ready or strikes the right tone? Run it by us. The magic of technology allows us to look at it dispassionately, turn it into a persuasive gem and get it back to you the next day.

Content Marketing Products


A book that displays your expertise offline is the highest level of thought leadership. Books create trust and credibility among a wide target for years into the future and can provide a continuing stream of residual income. We can help you get it out.


E-books create trust online and generate leads for your service. But they do involve more than just slapping down a bunch of random information. They also need to entertain and persuade.

White papers

White papers are similar to e-books in that they aim to persuade someone about your expertise. They differ, however, because they are extremely targeted,speak to a particular person with a specific problem and are widely shared. Because, done right, they are extremely effective, they are probably the best online lead generation tool there is.

Special Reports

Special reports on studies and survey are the marketing lifeblood of many service organizations. We can create a report on your survey that not only summarizes and informs, but puts forward your position on an issue.

Article marketing

Articles showcase expertise in a journalistic format, and, when provided to trade magazines and other specialty publications, are perceived as neutral examples of expert thinking. Knowpreneur’s writers and editors have backgrounds in journalism and have produced hundreds of articles.

Guides and Booklets

Similar to white papers but more functional, these are step-by-step training guides on specific business or technical tasks of interest to your target buyer. Guides also can be converted to other lead generating tools like video courses and webinars.


Webinars with a strong educational component establish you as an expert in your chosen field. They are often provided free as marketing bait pieces, but can become revenue producers is a small fee is attached.